WAIC 2021 | MOTOVIS Was Listed in “Top100 Chinese AI Enterprises in Potential of Landing Scale in 2021”


The 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), a grand event of AI, was opened grandiosely in Shanghai on July 8. With the theme of “Intelligent Connectivity, Inspirational Cities”, this conference promotes the gathering and exchange of global artificial intelligence innovation ideas, technologies, applications, talents and capital, promotes scientific and technological innovation and collaboration worldwide, and helps to build a world-class industrial cluster of artificial intelligence.

On July 9, in the AI Business Landing Forum, EqualOcean released Market Research Report of AI Business Landing in China in 2021. The report interprets annual general situation of artificial intelligence from six perspectives of “Academic, Enterprise, Investment, Policy, Industry and Integration”, analyzes AI enterprises and investment market deeply, and publishes List of Top 100 Chinese AI Enterprises in Potential of Landing Scale in 2021 at the same time. MOTOVIS is ranked on the list with breakthrough innovation and advanced practice in AI+ automotive field.


List of Top 100 Chinese AI Enterprises in Potential of Landing Scale in 2021

EqualOcean Think Tank aims at Chinese AI enterprises and judges the progress of business landing of AI enterprises with “the expected operating income range of enterprises in 2021” as the core indicator through enterprise research, peer review and expert calculation, and finally forms the “2021 Top 100 Enterprises Series List of China’s AI Business Landing Potential”.


 List 1: Distribution of AI Business Landing Industries in China in 2021

Since its establishment in 2015,MOTOVIS has attached great importance to commercialization. Our leading AI algorithm technology and engineering experience enable us to apply advanced deep learning and computer vision technology to automobile system, and empower the pre-delivery and post-delivery partners of automobile industry.

In the pre-delivery and post-delivery market of automobiles, we have accumulated many successful cases. Our cooperative customers can launch products quickly with lower time cost and R&D cost, and iterate products on the platform path continuously so as to hold the leading advantages in the market.

Our Full-stack Automatic Drive  Prouducts

  • Integration of Software and Hardware 

    From L1 to L4 and from the pre-delivery to the post-delivery products of passenger cars and commercial vehicles

  • Full-stack Products

    From L1 to L4 and from the pre-delivery to the post-delivery products of passenger cars and commercial vehicles

  • Cross-chip Platform

    Xilinx, T1, Hisilicon, MKT, Qualcomm and other chip platforms

Our products in mass production include Host System and Core Board of Host, Core Algorithm Kits with seamless integration with Algorithm Chips. At present, we have developed following three core pillar product lines, covering the pre-delivery of main passenger cars, pre-delivery of commercial vehicles and post-delivery active safety markets.

§ Pre-delivery of Passenger Cars. Main products cover all kinds of intelligent driving and parking of passenger cars, including APA/RPA/HPA/AVP and L2.5+ driving function.

§ Pre-delivery of Commercial Vehicles. Main products are mono-front-view integrated machine and radar fusion system, which support dual early warning, AEB, LKA and other regulatory functions, and can provide sensing and positioning solutions required by L3/L4.

§ Active Security and Vehicle-mounted AI Edge Computing. Main products use full-stack AI algorithm, supporting functions of Maldun Multi-channel Blind Area, 360 Active Security System, ADAS/DMS/BSD, etc.

When the “accelerating digital development and building digital China” is presented in “14th Five-Year Plan”, the development of various industries in the era of digital economy is full of opportunities and challenges, MOTOVIS will inherit the theme and spirit “Intelligent Connectivity, Inspirational Cities” of WAIC as a player of the industry tide, and will give full play to advantages of technological innovation and creativity, and empower customers in intelligent automobile industry.