MOTOVIS Obtained ASPICE CL2 Certification, to Help Create an International Standard Full-Stack Autonomous Driving mass Production Solution


Recently, the new force of autonomous driving tier1 MOTOVIS has successfully obtained the, ASPICE CL2 international certification. This indicates that the quality control system of the software development of Motovis's autonomous driving products has reached the international advanced level, to meet the stringent requirements of major automotive manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers worldwide for autonomous driving software products.


ASPICE (Automotive SPICE®), the full name is “Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capacity Determination”, is a model framework used in the automotive industry to evaluate the research and development capabilities of software development teams. With dimensions of both process and capability, ASPICE has become one of the universal standard for assessing supplier software development capabilities in the global automotive industry, holding a position of international authority.

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ASPICE is divided into 6 levels from 0 to 5 based on the assessment of the entire software development project life cycle, including requirements, design, coding and testing. Among them, CL2 certification means that the certified party has the ability to implement the process in a managed manner, that is, it can formulate rigorous project plans in advance, effectively implement project monitoring and management, and deliver products on time and with high quality.

Prior to this certification, MOTOVIS already has an industry-leading software quality control process,in order to further enhance the transparency of the quality and safety of embedded automotive systems and drive product innovation under industry-recognized process evaluation, This time, the MOTOVIS ASPICE project team deeply understood the requirements of ASPICE CL2.  released more than 300 work products, and finally successfully passed the rigorous evaluation of iNTACS Global certification assessors.

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The ASPICE CL2 certification passed this time covers MagicParking series products of MOTOVIS's full-stack self-developed automatic parking platform project, The series of products are researched and designed in accordance with the specification requirements of passenger car pre-assembly mass production, and follow the ASPICE development process. The whole system has reached the industry-leading level in function, performance, cost and safety, and has successively achieved pre-assembly mass production and fixed point in many first-line car enterprises such as GAC, Chery, BAIC, and Changan.

Taking this as a new starting point, combined with the ISO26262:2018 ASIL-D Automotive functional safety process certification,MOTOVIS will promote the ASPICE certification experience and standards to the research and development of more passenger car products such as MagicDrive and MagicPilot, to help improve the comprehensive development capability of full-stack automated driving software and project management capabilities, and build a more solid technical competition barrier. To provide more partners with international standard full-stack automated driving solutions.

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In the future, MOTOVIS will continue to improve its research and development capabilities, plan to carry out ASPICE CL3 level certification,and carry out certification work in network security,and other aspects, to further deepen the company's research and development system, and ensure that products continue to lead the industry in technology, quality and safety.